Well ladies and gentlemen, here it is…
My baby.
My Canadian Comfort Foods cookbook.
Like any author, the birth pains of writing, of creating are all part of the journey.
The flops, the successes the joy of the final product~ it is all part of it!
With 60 Canadian Comfort food I bring together many of my favourite recipes, ones handed down from my mom, friends but most of all~ my heart.
I don’t cook typically with recipes my friends, I cook with my heart.
My palette? The spices, the flavours the colours as for me cooking is a dance~ yoga in the kitchen. Graceful as a gazelle? No not all the time, but heck I am never stop trying!

Thank YOU to everyone who ALWAYS believed in me… I couldn’t have done it without YOU. From my kitchen to yours, join me—Live The Smart Way! I hope that you love every bite. Love, Kathy Smart
To order YOUR personally signed copy of the NEWEST BOOK from Live The Smart Way, please email [email protected]
Let’s get digital?
You got it!
Digital copies are available HERE.


See you at the Next Live The Smart Way Expo 2019 at the Shaw Centre, of course!
Love You Always

xoxo Kathy 🙂

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