Kathy Smart

Kathy Smart is a Multi- Award Winning Nutritionist, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Huffington Post Writer, Healthy Body Image Advocate and TV Personality.

Kathy teaches, motivates and inspires others to live their healthiest and happiest life by empowering others through motivational keynotes, TV appearances, books, recipes and traditional media.

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Jody Mitic

Elite sniper Jody Mitic loved being a soldier. His raw, candid, and engrossing memoir follows his personal journey into the Canadian military, through sniper training, and firefights in Afghanistan, culminating on the fateful night when he stepped on a landmine and lost both of his legs below the knees.

A twenty-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, Jody Mitic served as a Master Corporal and Sniper Team Leader on three active tours of duty over the course of seven years. Known for his deadly marksmanship, his fearlessness in the face of danger, and his “never quit” attitude, he was a key player on the front in Afghanistan. As a sniper, he secured strongholds from rooftops, engaged in perilous ground combat, and joined classified night operations to sniff out the enemy.

One day in 2007, when he was on a mission in a small Afghan village, he stepped on a landmine and the course of his life was forever changed. After losing both of his legs below the knees, Jody was forced to confront the loss of the only identity he had ever known—that of a soldier.

Determined to be of service to his family and to his country, he refused to let injury defeat him. Within three years after the explosion, he was not only walking again, he was running. By 2013, he was a star on the blockbuster reality TV show Amazing Race. In 2014, Jody reinvented himself yet again, winning a seat as a city councillor for Ottawa.

Unflinching is a powerful chronicle of the honour and sacrifice of an ordinary Canadian fighting for his country, and an authentic portrait of military life. It’s also an inspirational memoir about living your dreams, even in the face of overwhelming adversity, and having the courage to soldier on.

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Christo Bilukidi

  • St. Patrick’s Catholic High School alumni
  • Georgia State University graduate, majored in Sociology
  • 2012 NFL draftee, 189th pick
  • Idlewood Bespoke co-owner
  • Ottawa Community Housing tenant embassador
  • CanfitPro certified personal trainer
  • Certifed Fascial Stretch Specialist
  • 2017 Mayor of Ottawa’s City Builder Award winner
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Tosca Reno

How to Eat Clean® at Fabulous Fifty

Eating may be the most natural of human activities, yet there has never been more confusion.  We live in an obesogenic environment, where factors conspire to make us overweight rather than lean. We must turn the tables, especially after 50, towards a lean, healthy life.  Learn how to Eat Clean® to manage weight, bolster your immune system, maintain a flat abdomen, fire up your libido and achieve glowing, blemish free skin.  Be reminded that optimal wellness is your birthright and this talk will spark your actions to attain it.

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