There are 7 billion people on Earth. That means there are 7 billion specific diets on Earth. Why? Because everyone needs to eat differently – that’s why the average “diet” has less than a 5% success rate!

The best way to understand what you should be eating is to know your body type. There are 4 main types, each with it’s own general eating plan.

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Answer the questions, and I’ll tell you what body type you are, what you need to be eating, what to steer away from, best times to snack, and a little about your personality that might explain a few things!

The connection between Body Type, Hormones and Nutrition

There are four main Metabolic Body Types.  The metabolic type indicates which organ of the Endocrine System has the greatest influence on the metabolism (ability to convert nutrients and to energy), on the size and shape of the body and on the mind set and emotional priorities of an individual’s constitution.

You may be surprised to learn about this relationship between the four main body shapes and hormones. In a major discovery it was found that alterations or weaknesses in the functions of our glands or organs can contribute to different body shapes or distortions, which are largely designed by the accumulation of excess fluid and fat.

When the glands aren’t working properly, it is almost impossible to keep off excess body weight and inches. This means that body distortions can very well be an indication of underlying health problems, so improving the function of the appropriate glands or organs through nutrition can help optimize the body’s performance and help you get a more normal body shape.