Smart Starts is a power-packed superfood for the celiac or gluten intolerant person on-the-go. Instant oatmeals can be cross-contaminated with wheat, barley, or rye, while many instant breakfast drinks contain wheat starch, limiting your options.

Smart Starts can be eaten any time of the day for a quick boost! Smart Starts is low glycemic, high protein instant hot cereal made from quinoa flakes that you can eat right from the container!

Maple sugar and cinnamon naturally adds flavour, while chia seeds offer protein, metabolism-boosting  Omega-3’s and antioxidants.

Where to Buy



  • Whole Foods
  • Terra 20
  • Pantry Plus
  • Farm Boy Inc
  • Rainbow Natural Foods
  • Natural Food Pantry
  • Boushey’s Food Market
  • Ross’s Yig
  • Sobeys (Greenbank, March Rd, Trim and Innes)

Smart Starts is not only a Smart choice, it is nutritious, delicious and of course gluten free!


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