As you begin this program, you will start to experience decreased belly fat, sugar cravings and have abundantly MORE energy.


Because you will be eating foods that nourish your body, moving in ways your body craves and recalibrating your metabolism for good.

“Psssst! Over here –
Read me next!”

Each week, I give you a few Challenges to work on for the week. You then continue that habit every week after, adding on the additional habits in the following weeks.

Simple, Right?

Okay, let’s go!

Your Measurements

Take your measurements each week, filling in the chart at right. Feel free to print it out.

Note that there is a space to keep your weight, HOWEVER, I am not focused on the number on the scale. Since muscle weighs more than fat, we’re more interested in your measurements and body composition.


Using these methods will ensure that your measurements are consistent each time.

Arms: taken 8 inches from the shoulder
Waist: taken at your belly button
Hips: taken at the widest part of your hips, both legs together
Legs: measure 8 inches from your hip bone and measure to your heel

Selfie Time!

We need one more thing before we start, and that’s for you to take a “before” picture (of course, we’ll take the “after” picture at the end!)

See if you can get a good full body shot, then file it away where you can find it later.