Kathy has been engaging audiences for over 20 years.  Her appearances on television, radio, live events and the Internet have positioned her as the top authority on the topic of health and wellness. She believes in self-love in getting healthy and happy.

“Kathy Smart always gives more than expected. She has true energy, passion and dedication to educate people about healthy eating and lifestyles all while making them feel like a rock star. She is certainly one of the most energetic and inspiring public speakers who will go on to change lives for many years to come.”

Jacqueline LeducFitness Portfolio Specialist, City of Ottawa Fitness Facilities and Fitness Conference Co-ordinator

I absolutely loved your seminar, and loved your presentation. SO incredibly informative and you actually gave tips and pointers that can be taken and used right away (instead of having to take vague thoughts and try to figure out how to apply them). Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

LauraCanFit Pro Attendee

Kathy Smart is the real deal. Her Live the Smart Way is thoughtful, inspiring, motivational, and a great opportunity to eat smart, move smart, and live smart. There is no doubt that the community Kathy has built is revolutionary and an extraordinary way to support each other on a journey of health and wellness. I strongly encourage anyone who would like to make a change to consider the Live the Smart Way Program.

Sylva Sheridan, CNP – The Institute of Holistic Nutrition


Are you looking for a passionate, dynamic and entertaining speaker in the area of health & wellness?  Kathy Smart delivers a powerful keynote addressing the issues of overcoming obstacles, succeeding in spite of everything, and using food as a tool to create incredible changes in one’s life.  Her ability to relate with her audience, share her own compelling story and make deep connections, means that your audience will feel inspired, motivated and entertained, while also leaving with a plan to be able to make positive, lasting changes in their own lives as well.

Custom Keynote: Kathy can also tailor a talk to suit the needs and theme of your audience and event. Please send your request to [email protected] and we will be in touch soon to discuss details.


To book Kathy for a motivational keynote, cooking demo, or team building session, please contact [email protected] and provide as many details as possible.  One of Kathy’s team members will be in touch soon to discuss your request.

Past Audiences

  • Canadian Security Intelligence Service
  • Health Canada
  • Statistics Canada
  • Canadian Fitness Professionals
  • Live The Smart Way Expo

Kathy’s natural enthusiasm and engaging personality make her an ideal choice when selecting speakers for your next event. She is also available for workshops and custom topics related to health, diet, nutrition and exercise.

Change What You Eat, Change Your Life

In Kathy’s #1 most sought after keynote, she tells the story of her personal struggle with an eating disorder and anxiety at a very young age and how she used health and healing foods to truly change her life! Both in mind, body and spirit.

Speaking Fees

All speaking requests must be sent and vetted to ensure the integrity of subject to Erika at Team Smart at [email protected]

Thank you!