Summer Hydration Essentials 101


The time of year where friends, family and sun come out to play!

We often hear the importance of hydration, but what do you drink, why should you drink and how to make it… interesting!?!

Never fear, Kathy Smart is here.

What should you drink?

Water. Simple.

Why should you drink?

Because our bodies are comprised of 60-80 % water. Our very cells NEED water to flourish and transport the vitamins from our food. I would say flourishing and the transportation of vitamins is key for optimal health.

A good rule of thumb is to drink your body weight in pounds, divided by two and drink that amount in ounces.

Example: I weigh 130 pounds, divide that by 2 and you have 75 ounces.

How to make it Interesting???

  • Add Fresh herbs like basil and seasonal berries like strawberries, pineapple or raspberries. (tastes…GREAT!)
  • Add lemon, lime, and some mint. (great for excess PMS bloating)
  • Add a squeeze of REAL grapefruit juice. (perfect for digesting protein)

Not only are you making it interesting, you are receiving the Added benefits of the vitamins and minerals the bounty of nature provides.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go have a drink and HYDRATE!

Want to know my favourite way to hydrate???


You can watch my video HERE from CHFA talking on some different ways to use summer superfoods like watermelon, coconut oil and maca.

Kathy Smart talking Summer Super Fruits




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Much Love Always

Kathy Smart