Fresh Basil on Pizza!

Summer’s #1 Fresh Herb and How to Use It!

  I love to use fresh herbs in my cooking because it adds a depth of flavour and a the freshness that you just don’t get from using dried herbs. Here are two of my favorites – their nutritional benefits, how to use and store them, and some Smart tricks! Basil Key Nutritional Benefits of…

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Ultimate Granola

Get Your GLOW on!

Our skin is the first impression has one has of your health. So often we look to buy expensive creams or supplements, but the real damage can be stopped by eating some superfoods for your skin! Here are my top foods for your skin to help you GLOW! Stay Supple with Sunflower Seeds Why?  Sunflower…

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Summer Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

Summer Strawberry Smoothie Bowl for Glowing Skin!

After doing my first Facebook Live and sharing out what I eat for breakfast to have so much energy ( You can watch it here) I was amazed at how many people wanted to have more ideas for breakfast! Lately, I have been enjoying the bounties of mother nature in the form of strawberries! Not…

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Sweet and Spicy!

Sweet and Spicy Strawberry Mango Salsa

I just love fresh strawberries! I go strawberry picking every year at a local strawberry farm:) I am always looking for NEW ways to use these nutrient-dense berries. How about a Salsa? The combination of sweet, spicy and salty in the recipe will keep your guests double dipping! Sweet and Spicy Strawberry Mango Salsa  Serves…

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White Tea Grape Popscicles

White Tea Grape Popsicles!

The weather is hot, and we all want a quick way to cool off. Why not combine the antioxidant properties of white or green tea into easy to make frozen treat!! These popsicles aren’t overly sweet so add pure maple syrup if you have a sweet tooth!     2 cups of brewed white or…

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Canadian Maple Grilled Burger

Happy National Hamburger Day! I wanted to create a special mouthwatering recipe so, I decided to tap into my French Canadian roots for this and share a very simple creation with pure Canadian maple Syrup.                     Picture caramelized onions with just the right amount of sweet…

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