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Pancake Tuesday 2016!

Today is National Pancake Day for 2016. Pancakes HAPPEN to be my favourite food ( besides peanut butter!) Growing up I would ask my mom for pancakes…daily! BUT, how do you make pancakes ‘ smart!?’   Ta – da! Make sure they are LOADED in protein! Protein at breakfast or supper  helps to stabilize blood…

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4 Food Cravings and What It Means YOUR Body Needs

We are all unique and our food needs are equally as unique. What we crave is a message to us of what we may be lacking and how our metabolism is working. #1.You Crave: Sweets! You Need: Chromium Chromium is a mineral that helps to balance blood sugar. When your blood sugar is unstable our…

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Fun on Canada AM- Why Diets Don't Work!

What is YOUR Body Type?

What if I told you that you could be doing it ALL WRONG!!! Having spent over 19 years in the fitness and nutrition industries, I have learned many things. Most importantly, I’ve learned that we are all unique! We all have different body types, blood types and genetic dispositions that create a unique metabolism. The…

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Kathy on CTV

The Newest Fast Food Craze that is Smart!

  On average, people will consume and extra 250 calories on a lunch they eat out. 250 extra calories per day adds up. In one month that is over 5,040 extra calories per month and over a year that equals over 18 pounds!! WOW! I have a SMART solution for you!! The Newest Fast Food…

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Vegetables in a Brownie?

1.5 Cups of Veggies…in a Decadent Chocolate Brownie.

Eat Vegetables Like it is your JOB is what I like to say! You would never guess this recipe has 1.5 cups of veggies in it! Delicious chocolate chip packed zucchini oat brownies made without flour and flavoured with chocolate and vanilla! No one will ever know they are eating vegetables!:) Chocolate Chip Zucchini Brownies…

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Black Beans in a Brownie??

Black Bean Brownies? Happy #NationalBeanDay!

Black Beans in a brownie? Really? Yes, really! The proof is in the brownie! Rich, moist, not too sweet and wonderfully decadent are just a few of the words fans have used to describe this brownie. The fudge texture combines perfectly with the crunch of walnuts that are a great source of essential fatty acids like…

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